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Back, Hip and Neck pain

Back and neck pain is a major problem in our stressful world and patients come complaining of pain and associated loss of function. Musculo skeletal problems can be caused by poor biomechanics, muscle imbalance, repetitive strains or trauma. Physios are skilled at assessing joint and soft tissue injuries. Treatment may include manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue work and electrotherapy. This can help by treating pain and restoring joint range. Advice on specific exercises is aimed at improving muscle strength, joint mobility, core stability and posture. Patients may be referred on to continue their rehabilitation in our regular pilates classes.

Degenerative conditions including Arthritis can be helped by good advice including relevant exercise programme as it is essential to maintain muscle strength, joint range and keep moving. We advise on pain management which will help people carry on their daily activities, hobbies and sports despite advancing age or debilitating conditions.

We aim to improve function and quality of life for older people.

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