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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports injuries require prompt treatment, as an acute injury may become a chronic one, which will be more difficult to treat.

Soft tissue injuries may be caused by overuse, poor technique or trauma. Treatment may include ice, heat or electrotherapy to reduce inflammation and pain. At an appropriate time specific exercises are given to correct the underlying cause of the injury and regain muscle strength with flexibility. Gait analysis may be part of the investigation. If orthotics is needed to correct poor biomechanics when walking and running, these can be fitted in the clinic. Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised branch of physiotherapy which deals with injuries and issues related to sports people. Sports injuries do differ to everyday injuries. Athletes normally require high level performance and demand placed upon their body, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones to the limit. Sports physiotherapists help athletes recover from sporting injuries, and provide education and resources to prevent problems.

Each sports physiotherapist usually has sport-specific knowledge that addresses acute, chronic and overuse injuries. Their services are generally available to sports men and women of all ages engaged in sports at any level of competition.

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