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Types of Postures

Easy Posture:

  •  It is a good, symmetrical and balanced position though this position cannot be maintained for a long time.
  •  The subject will therefore shift his weight in a swaying movement in order to prevent fatigue and to maintain a good circulation in the postural muscles of the legs when standing.
  •  By alternating the main support from one leg to another, the muscles become periodically unloaded and relaxed.
  •  The pelvic inclination is about 60°.


Fatigue Posture:

  •  It is asymmetrical or sagging posture. This position s relaxed and can be maintained for a long time as most of the body’s joints are in semi- flexion
  •  The load on the muscles will decrease and the energy expenditure is 10 % less than easy posture.
  •  The pelvic inclination decreases due to posterior tilting of the pelvis.


Rigid Posture:

  •  It is called normal stalling posture or posture of attention. It doesn’t mean normal posture. This position cannot be assumed for a long time as most of body’s joints are in extension. Therefore, the load will increase on the joints and muscles and the energy expenditure is 20% more than in the easy posture.
  •  The pelvic inclination increases due to the anterior tilting of the pelvis.
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