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About Us


Dr. M.S. Saifi (Consultant Physiotherapist)

Physiocare physiotherapy centre is successfully run by a young, dynamic & experienced physiotherapist Dr. M.S. Saifi. He has diverse experience of more than 10 years. He understands that injuries and pain make normal activities challenging often making life stressful. Dr. M.S. Saifi is a qualified physiotherapist in India. He has many specialized fellowships & certificates. He is experienced in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal & injury conditions. Presently, he is Head Department of Physiotherapy, Prem Hospital, Moga. Dr. M.S.Saifi is are providing the internship training to the BPT, MPT students.

It is a well organized and well equipped set up of physiotherapy and has STATE OF ART electronic modalities to serve people. It has Short wave diathermy, Imported Interferential therapy unit, Ultrasonic therapy unit, Electronic traction unit, Electrical stimulator, etc. We are the 1st clinic in Moga to established. Therapy is also one of the best which includes Active movements, resisted exercises against weight and theraband , positional changes to improve strength. Active/passive stretches, yoga postures to improve flexibility. Maitlands joint mobilization to improve joint ranges. Pranayama session includes anatomy and physiology of lung and respiratory system along with different breathing techniques. Patients with joint problems are given tips to avoid pains, ergonomics and postural correction along with exercises. Pregnant females are given detail explanation of pregnancy physiology, postural correction, breathing exercises for labour along with other exercises. Brain and paralytic patients are treated according to the individualized needs including hand activities and balacing exercises. We knows its social responsibility and gives free treatment to poor and needy patients.


(Consultant Physiotherapist, Nutritionist & Health Educator)
Certified Diabetes Educator (Indo-Vietnam Medical Board)

P.G.D.Y.N. (Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga & Naturopath)
D.N.H.E (Nutritionist & Health Educator)

WKSK – MKT, Chiropractic & Osteopathic Manipulation.
C.N.O.H. (Gapples Institute, U.S.A.)
SCI MOOC from University of Sydney, Australia
Award for excellence in physiotherapy (GHOSA Award-2017)
Award Top - 10 category of Physiotherapist in
(RISING STAR AWARD Achiever 2018)

Our Aims

  • Offer you treatment at the most convenient location and at affordable rates.
  • Provide immediate scheduling
  • Gain & record accurate histories & clinical information.
  • Assess & explain your injury
  • Treat your injury using appropriate techniques
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